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Alzara Blended Ghee

Alzara Ghee is perfectly formulated for preparing and enhancing the real flavor in every dishes you cook.


Alzara Ghee is ideal for cooking NasiBriyani, Curry, Kuih, desserts, Biscuitsets. Also can be used for Barbeque and bakar.


Alzara ghee blended is enhanced with Beta Carotene which consist of many health benefits.


Alzara ghee blended is the perfect substitute for pure ghee, without compromising the great taste and texture of your food.


Alzara Ghee blend is your first choice alsowe assure best quality within your budget.


Alzara ghee blend made with finest ghee from New Zealand dairy, gently blended with vegetable oil to create a rich velvety texture and delicious taste.


All our products are halal certified and we always ensure our best efforts to keep our products’ quality.  

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Buku resipi percuma istimewa Sempena Ramadhan. Buku ini adalah kompilasi resipi mudah dengan menggunakan Minyak Sapi Alzara yang mudah dan rare!

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Alzara Ghee, no doubt, one of Best Ghee in the market. I like it to take on hot rice and hot roti canai also. The dishes becomes delicious by adding some little quantity of Alzara Ghee.

Vishnu Kumar

Alzara ghee's price is very affordable with good quality. The packing is very good and it is available in different quantity as customers demand.

Wan Haslina

I purchased this product to make briyani rice which is best when it smells good with ghee. Home made ghee is the best as it contains no adulterant and smells like heaven .The same I experienced with this brand of ghee.

Mohammed Fizal